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How to activate your odis account with our GEKO system?


After install our GEKO login system, Now pls follow steps below to get your account activated:

  • – run the system
  • – click the * button of it. (it’s on the top right). you will see the recharge windows 
  • – click the drop-down menu of the first line, select your brand. VW=VOLKSWAGEN, AU= AUDI, SK=SKODA.
  • – copy the full code as license to the second line. (you will get the REG CODE in 24 hours after payment)
  • – click submit. then close and restart the system 3 times.
  • – your account will be activated. when you need to login, click the enabled button, it will enter geko username and password automatically.


Pls check your ODIS connection brand setting before you use. for example, you must setting it to AUDI brand if you are working on a AUDI car.

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