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2008-2012 Audi J518 ELV ESL Motor 410009011 Replacement


Good Quality Car Steering Column Lock Motor Replacement for 2008-2012 A8 A6 A4 Q5 Q3 A3. replace the 1020731 Original motor 410009011. DC-FC280. Ready to use after installed. no need programming.

Details about 2008-2012 Audi J518 ELV ESL Motor 410009011 Replacement

Audi J518 ESL Motor DC FC280 for ELV Steering Wheel Lock 410009011

Once installed, it is ready for use.
Performance :Powerful and Stable

(pls note that the number over the motor maybe changed but motor is the same. and check with your car original lock before order to make sure it is the same as the one we list in our store

Replace this original motor

Original ELV ESL Motor-410009011

Applicable to:

  • 2008-2012 Audi A8 A6 A4 Q5 Q3 A3.


1x car esl lock motor

For 2008-2012 Audi J518 ELV ESL Motor-410009011 For 2008-2012 Audi J518 ELV ESL Motor-410009011 For 2008-2012 Audi J518 ELV ESL Motor-410009011 Size of For 2008-2012 Audi J518 ELV ESL Motor-410009011





Why need Change motor?

1. After locking car by remote control, the door won’t lock properly, because the motor has gone bad, it has stopped working.
2. when the car door lock sometimes work , sometimes get stuck, or remote control can sometimes open, sometimes fixed card in the Middle,
then press the remote control several times to open; ageing motor, motor torque has become smaller, motor power is not lock pieces of gear.
3. when driving in the car, after the door lock, door locks has problem that door can be opened.


Professional advice: 
1. door lock Assembly easy to repair it? Locked inside the motor can change?
Locking block Assembies are fixed by screws, so they can be easily opened using a screwdriver, replace the motor is also very convenient, put it back together again is also easy.

2. Replace motor or directly changed the locks block Assembly which is better?
Dealership shop for original locking block Assembly parts to more than $150, and a motor less tahn $15, a difference of more than 10 times. Known, locked inside metal and plastic parts ‘ life-or at least more than 20 years, so after changing the motor, you get a set of original locking block Assembly, renewed motor like changing batteries, because the carbon brushes of the motor service life has expired.

Symptoms: …
when the car door can sometimes lock, sometimes won’t lock, sometimes open and sometimes will not open, motor age, motor carbon brush wear is too large, motor torque has become smaller, motor power is still locked inside the spring. After the remotpe-controlled lock andthen unlock, problematic lock blocks, can’t open the door from the outside, it can be opened from the inside, left key can open the front door. And in the case of not locking the car, can play both inside and outside the door, unlocked again after locking the car, still same problem, which can open the door, but couldn’t open the door

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