New ODIS Service Software ODIS-S Files & Install


  • ODIS Service Software Files Download Link, for one of the version on lists.
  • One-time license registration and installation support can be done via remote assistant, and must pay for the service charge

Details about New ODIS Service Software ODIS-S Files & Install

New ODIS-S ODIS Service Software – Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service

The ODIS-S program is intended for all brands of the Volkswagen group is used in the field of workshop diagnosis.

It allows vehicle control units to be identified and entries in event memory to be read.
It also supports vehicle repairs using guided fault finding.
Functions such as test instrument support, flash re-programming control units and vehicle self-diagnosis extend the range of applications.
To illustrate the significant workflows, the corresponding chapters include a graphical view showing which part of the process is just being described, what the previous step was and what is to do next.
All important information and services of the Volkswagen group are available to you for your work via network connection to the Group systems.


  • Listing price is for one of the version on list below. We always provide you the latest version we have based on the payment date
  • When you select “Only Files” We provide the ODIS Service (ODIS-S) Download Link. and one-time service for help you replacing ODIS Launcher + license + Plugins via team viewer. License valid to 2030.01. The License key is required before running ODIS Launcher then you can go next to ODIS Service PostSetup and continue to import database. NO INSTALLATION SUPPORT. NO LICENSE KEY FILE.
  • When you select “Installation Support”,  It is one-time service for help you installing ODIS Service (currently latest version is v7.1.1) via team viewer. Including the License register. After this service, you can run ODIS 7.1.1 then connect vas VCI to start diagnosis on VAG cars.
  • You must inform us your team viewer info after payment. If you need to install it again we do it for free for 1 more time if it is same computer. (Checked by Teamviewer ID) If your ID is changed that means you have different computer. In this case you maybe charged for installation service.
  • Generally , VAS5054 is supported for WIN7 only. VAS6154 is supported for both WIN7 and WIN10

ODIS Service Software details information:


— ODIS-S version: V7.1.1 (Released at 2021-03-01) (this version works with 64bit Windows 10 only)
— ODIS-S version: V6.2.0 (Released at 2020-09-01)
— ODIS-S version: V6.1.0 (Released at 2020-07-25)
— ODIS-S version: V6.0.1 (Released at 2020-07-10)
— ODIS-S version: V6.0.0 (Released at 2020-06-15)
— ODIS-S version: V5.2.7 (Released at 2020-06-01)
— ODIS-S version: V5.2.6 (Released at 2020-04-07)
— ODIS-S version: V5.1.6 (Released at 2019-08-01)

Car brands: for VW / for AUDI / SEAT / for SKODA / for Bentley / for Lamborghini.

Support odis online coding (Requires a valid GEKO username and password for perform special functions).

System Requirements: To use Offboard Diagnostic Information System Engineering, the following requirements must be met:

Hardware requirements:

    • –VAS5054, VAS5055 or VAS6154(A) (Clone or genuine both supported)
    • –CPU of 2 GHz and higher recommended
    • –RAM >= 2 GB
    • –Hard drive free space of C drive > 25 GB, standard file system NTFS. The application uses standard Windows paths for installation.

Software requirements

    • Works on 64 Bit Windows Win7 and Win10. Depending on your VAS VCI interface.


Multi languages available: English. Turkish, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portugues, Russian, Czech, Danish, Greece, Finnish, Italian, Polish, Roman, Japanese, Dutch, Slovak, Hungarian…

ODIS-S Languages

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