ODIS Software Error Technical Support


ODIS Software Technical support via remote assistant. One time service, no refund.
To fix odis installing errors such as error reading the licence file, msvcr100.dll msvcr120.dll was not found, Java runtime error (Unable to determine Java Runtime Environment), ODIS no communicate with vci and vehicle…

Details about ODIS Software Error Technical Support

ODIS Service remote technical support

Help you to fix ODIS Software Error – including ODIS SERVICE (ODIS-S) and ODIS ENGINEERING (ODIS-E) installation issues.

What errors can we fix for your ODIS?

Attention: Listing price is one time service for fixing one of error in below lists only. and ODIS installations are not included.

We can fix the following errors by remote assistant:
  • The error occurs when running the Launcher, giving the following error

    • – ODIS error reading the license file / odis error handling the license. (odis error reading the licence file invalid certificate data/could not parse certificate)
    • – odis error msvcr100.dll / odis error msvcr120.dll
    • – odis error java runtime error (“Unable to determine Java Runtime Environment (error code 2)
  • The errors occurs after connected VAS VCI to vehicle and running the ODIS

    • – odis error unable to determine hardware id / odis no communicate with vehicle


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