Original VAS 6154A VAG Diagnostic Interface


VAS 6154/A (100% Original) Interface with additional DOIP functionality is the latest interface for the diagnostic and programming applications VAG ODIS-S (Service) and ODIS-E (Engineering), it replaces the VAS 6154.

Details about Original VAS 6154A VAG Diagnostic Interface

Original VAS 6154A – the Best VAG Diagnostic Interface

The latest version VAS 6154A can be used with all VW Audi Skoda vehicles from 2000 onward including NEW & FUTURE MODELS under production.

On modern vehicles, diagnostic functions can only be carried out at full CAN-FD speed with this diagnostic interface. This VAS 6154/A Interface with additional DOIP functionality is the latest interface for the diagnostic and programming applications VAG ODIS-S (Service) and ODIS-E (Engineering), it replaces the VAS 6154. Available for Off-board Diagnostic Information Engineering from version 9.0 onward and Off-board Diagnostic Information Service from version 5.0.0 onward.

With 2 year warranty

Why are original OEM Diagnostic tools are required?

Multi make diagnostic tools all have their limitations, increasingly control units require reprogram/Updates/Re-Flash of ECU’s with the latest software from the vehicle manufacturer, for this operation only an Original OEM or approved Pass-thru tool is required.

Save time and make money by investing in this level of tooling, it will Increase your workshop footfall, customer loyalty and save many man hours, moving cars to mains dealers for repairs.


Vehicle manufacturers have all taken their diagnostic software away from standalone diagnostic tools and onto their own web portals. This enables them to have a very secure way of controlling who and how anyone has access to their data and information.

Copy or clone tools were often used, but as the manufacturers portal became more sophisticated these clones will not work, the portals will only recognise either original or an approved pass-thru tool.

Maverick Diagnostics is here to help with the often-difficult process of choosing the correct tool for your needs and helping with registration and initial loading of software. Maverick will provide ongoing support through the use of your tool when purchased through Maverick Diagnostics.

Product Features

Infrastructure mode

In infrastructure mode, several network-capable devices can be connected together (network subscribers).
For a wireless network, a WLAN access point is required. This access point forms the connection to WLAN-ready subscribers.

Point-to-point connection

With point-to-point connection via a wireless network, VAS 6154 creates a radio network. VAS 6154 thereby adopts the role of a radio access point (Access Point). A direct connection is made between the diagnosis unit and the diagnosis interface VAS 6154. VAS 6154 is configured using the web-based user interface.


Vehicles Coverage

  • Alhambra 2011 ->
  • Alhambra
  • Altea 2005
  • Toledo 2005
  • Ibiza02/
  • Córdoba03
  • Ibiza/Córdoba 99
  • Leon 2006
  • Toledo/León 99
  • AlteaXL 2007
  • AlteaFreetrack 2007
  • Ibiza 2008 ->
  • Exeo 2009
  • Arosa
  • Ibiza/Córdoba 93
  • Inca Altea 2009
  • Leon 2009
  • Altea XL 2009
  • Altea Freetrack 2009
  • Mii Toledo 2013
  • León 2013
  • Ateca

What’s In The Box?

  • Diagnosis interface VAS 6154/A (complete unit):
  • Interface module VAS 6154/1
  • Base station VAS 6154/2
  • Y USB cable VAS 6154/3
  • Wireless network module VAS 6154/4
  • Adhesive label (module lettering) VAS 6154/6
  • Storage case
  • Abridged instructions on paper (4 languages) D, GB, F, E
  • USB data stick with relevant manuals

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